Notarial services in Barcelona

By your side in the moments that matter

At JLA Notarios, a notary office in Barcelona, we know how to support you in whatever you are going though. We make complex things simple, and, above all, we listen and empathise with you to achieve the best notarial solution. We are aware of the importance of every notarial deed or procedure before a notary public, as well as the emotions, uncertainties, and hopes and dreams they can inspire.

Our vocation to serve enables us to offer you any kind of notarial service you need. We are experts in wills and inheritance, property sales and mortgages, oaths of citizenship, incorporating companies, all kinds of commercial deeds, powers of attorney, mortgage cancellations, new-build declarations, including notary services at home, taking into account the standard notary fees, among many other aspects.

We speak your language, enabling you to grasp legal concepts that may often seem complex.

Notarial procedures in Barcelona

Wills and inheritance

Making a will, making a declaration of heirs or awarding inheritance are very important moments in people’s lives.

At JLA Notarios we offer inheritance law services, both to arrange your estate and to divide up inheritance, guaranteeing the best advice for your particular needs while studying the tax implications of each case. We never forget the human factor. We even offer a notary service at home if necessary.

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Contracts and property law

Over the course of our lives, we carry out important actions, such as buying a home, declaring a new-build, lifetime gifting to our children or ending partnerships, among many others.

At JLA Notarios we are experts in property and contract law and buying and selling property. We guide our clients, analysing each particular issue and always considering the tax burden of each transaction.

In addition, some of our notarial services can be performed online, so we can assist you from anywhere in Spain. Contact us to declare a new-build or a commonhold ownership structure online.

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Taking out a mortgage is one of the biggest moments for anyone. Just think of the fees and interest you may have to pay for much of your life. So it is essential to have a trusted notary to help you understand what you are signing, explaining the tricky legal terms and their future consequences in simple words, to provide transparency and protect our clients.

At JLA Notarios we are aware of the importance of giving complete and understandable information to people about to sign a mortgage, novation or subrogation. We also advise and guide you on your future mortgage cancellation.

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Loan agreements and credit facilities

Individuals and companies often need money to fulfil their dreams or projects. This can be obtained by taking out a loan or credit facility with your bank. When you sign, it is essential to understand the details properly to avoid future surprises.

JLA Notarios can be your trusted notary office, giving you accurate advice on loan contracts, providing a very agile and specialised service for processing loan contracts.

Bear in mind that from 9 November 2023, you will be able to sign your loan contracts from anywhere in Spain electronically by videoconference with JLA Notarios, saving you time and money. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the notary office’s services in order to sign a loan contract online or sign a credit facility online.

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Without entrepreneurship there is no future, so it is of vital importance to support our businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

At JLA Notaries we are familiar with companies’ life cycle, which enables us to provide legal assistance for companies in their different stages, whether incorporation, modifications of their articles of association, changes of director, share sales and purchases, capital increases and reductions, dissolution and closure, and everything related to commercial matters.

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Powers of attorney

There are moments in life when a person needs to delegate. The law provides a tool for this: powers of attorney. Though a power of attorney, one person allows another person to act on their behalf.

At JLA Notarios we make sure that you understand the significance and risks of delegating or revoking powers of attorney, from a special power of attorney or power of attorney for lawsuits, to general powers of attorney or preventive powers of attorney for cases of incapacity.

We provide an agile service to sign powers of attorney. You can take your copy away immediately, saving you unnecessary trips, and from 9 November 2023 our clients will be able to sign all powers of attorney that are not general or preventive by videoconference through our digital notary office.

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Family affairs

A prosperous society is based on the family and its protection. Family Law provides you with the tools to protect your family and its members, so its foundations are solid and its purposes can be achieved.

At JLA Notarios we provide legal advice on marriage or civil partnerships; property aspects of the family through marriage contracts or civil partnership contracts; the moments when the family relationship is ended, in cases such as divorce or separation; and protection of vulnerable people, such as minors or people with modified capacity, through deeds of appointment of guardians or executors or creation of protected assets. We do all of this in a way that makes everyone involved feel equally supported and secure.

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Certifications and authentications

It is common knowledge that notaries attest. That important and simple action can guarantee things of vital importance, such as ensuring that the signature on a document is authentic or certifying that a copy of a document matches the original.

At JLA Notarios we will help you to certify a document or notarise a signature in accordance with the law and tailored to your specific needs.

In addition, these notarial procedures can be carried out conveniently through electronic means from 9 November 2023.

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Notarial deeds

How many times have you wanted to record an event, a statement or the status of an object, or to notify someone of an issue. The law provides us with notarial deeds to deal with these matters.

At JLA Notarios we adapt to you, stating in the deed what you need and issuing your notifications and requests.

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Oath of citizenship

Behind every oath of citizenship lies a story of overcoming, sacrifice and waiting.

At JLA Notarios we know what this moment means and we provide an empathetic, agile and fast service. We don’t just advise you about the actual swearing-in, but also inform you of the future requirements that new Spanish citizens need to know.

We are your go-to notary’s office to swear the oath of citizenship before a notary public in Barcelona.

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Apostille of the hague convention

Globalisation enables the free movement of people and documents of all kinds. How can you guarantee that a document has been officially issued? With an apostille of the Hague Convention.

JLA Notarios can obtain an apostille for all documents executed before us so they are valid and recognised abroad. We do this transparently and save you all the bureaucratic procedures involved.

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Tax and registry procedures

Tax bureaucracy can cause a lot of headaches.

So JLA Notarios offers its clients the possibility of assessing and paying the many different taxes by the executing deeds and carrying out other procedures before the notary. We can also file them with the Land or Companies Registry so you do not have to concern yourself with it and can spend your time on the things that matter. We support you from start to finish.

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