Notary office in Barcelona

New times for notaries

We aim to make your experience at our notary office in Barcelona change the way you view notaries.

Ours is the notary’s office you always wanted to go to. We are not just notaries based in Barcelona, we are a team dedicated to you, where closeness, empathy and commitment combine with our youth and passion. We want to be your notary office.

A trailblazing notary office at your disposal.

A team dedicated to you

A new model of notary office in Barcelona. Our team focuses on providing the client with a different experience, where each person feels unique and special. Always by your side in the moments that matter.

We see digitisation as a value. Our continuous technological development is an asset that enables us to develop new forms of online communication without the need to go to the notary office: we know your time is important.

We bring our notary office to anyone, anywhere.

By your side in the moments that matter

We know the importance of each moment; the emotions, uncertainties, and hopes and dreams. We want to support you in your notarial procedures, making complex things simple, listening to you and empathising with your feelings in each situation.

We specialise in making you feel unique.

We make complex things easy

Legal matters are not straightforward. Why settle for just signing, when you can truly understand what you are signing.

We speak your language to break down the barriers to legal understanding. We have one guiding principle: we want to find the best solution for your needs.

We make legal matters straightforward and effective. Our notarial services are designed for you, with professionalism and ease at every step.

Our commitment to excellence, integrity and accuracy is reflected in each of our services. Whether you are looking for help with writing a will, buying or selling a property, incorporating a company, or any other notarial procedure, we are here to provide you with expert guidance and effective solutions.

We make notarial processes accessible, reliable and tailored to the needs of each person.

We are by your side, in person at your notary’s office in Barcelona and online for all of Spain.

Online notaries

As part of our commitment to innovation and adapting to our clients’ changing needs, we now offer online notary services.

That means that in some cases you can carry out notarial procedures online, conveniently and efficiently, especially commercial services.

Online notarial services allow you to access our services from anywhere, giving you the flexibility you need in an ever-changing digital world. Place your trust in us and you will have a notarial experience that is friendly, authentic and adapted to the demands of the digital era.

JLA Notaries in Barcelona have the solution you need

Contact us and tell us what you need.

Come and visit us at our notary office in Barcelona located in Avda. Diagonal, in the Eixample district, the heart of the city’s modernism.

We provide different channels for you to send us your questions or concerns. Whether in person, by telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp or videoconference, we will be happy to assist you and advise you at no cost or obligation for you.

JLA Notaries, a new way of performing notarial procedures.

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