Certifications and authentications

It is common knowledge that notaries attest. That important and simple action can guarantee things of vital importance, such as ensuring that the signature on a document is authentic or certifying that a copy of a document matches the original.

At JLA Notarios we will help you to certify a document or notarise a signature in accordance with the law and tailored to your specific needs.

In addition, these notarial procedures can be carried out conveniently through electronic means from 9 November 2023.


Affidavits are transcriptions set out on paper exclusively for notarial use in which an original document shown to the notary is copied and which contains the declaration that the document copied on it is the same as the one shown to the notary.


Legitimations are documents in which the notary accredits that a signature has been affixed in their presence or recognised before him by the person signing. It excludes, among others, cases involving a declaration of will or which are subject to an unfulfilled tax obligation.

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