How to get NIE in Spain?

Written by Juan Madridejos Velasco and Luis Alberto Álvarez Moreno, Notaries in Barcelona and partners at J&LA Notarios Asociados.

Getting an identification number for foreign nationals (NIE) in Spain is a procedure you must know before applying for one. An NIE is a private, distinct, and sequential number Spain authorities use to recognise a foreign national.

You are not required to be an EU national or have a certificate of registration as an EU member to merit the application of NIE. You only need the certificate when you visit for social, economic, or professional purposes.

In such instances, you will be given a white document known as white NIE. Appointments for applying to NIE have very high demand, and getting one on your first attempt is hard. It is wise to consult as soon as you get to Spain.

Key information to get NIE in Spain

The NIE Spain is a crucial document for Spain residentials and non-residents if they plan to own properties. Some of the advantages of having an NIE are:

Who is eligible for an NIE

NIE is good if you plan to stay in Spain for over three months. Some of the reasons for acquiring NIE are:

  • Doing a freelancing job in the country.
  • It is a requirement when accompanying a relative in Spain.
  • When going for an internship or working in the country’s companies.
  • Students.

How to get NIE in Spain.

People who apply for NIE must meet several requirements so that they can be validated.

Your current status matters a lot before you apply for NIE. If you reside out of Spain, visit the consular’s offices from your local area or hire a lawyer in Spain to help.

If you are a resident of Spain, you can go to immigration officers in Spain for help with processing the documents. You can also hire a lawyer from Spain to assist with the work.

Requirements for getting NIE in Spain include:

  • Engaging in noncrooked activities.
  • Having specific reasons for applying for the number, like purchasing a home.
  • Showing proof of professional, social, or economic interests.

How can JLA Notarios help me getting my NIE

In JLA Notarios we can get the NIE for you if you are signing a notarial document with us. If you are not signing a document in JLA Notarios we can not help you getting your NIE because we are not allowed to get NIE for other purpose than signing notarial documents.

Also, you can sign in our offices a power of attorney in which you give faculties to a representant that will do the tramits needed to get your NIE. The representant can be a professional or other person that will do the actuation in your name.

Steps to follow to get a NIE as a foreigner

  1. Download, finish, and add your signature on the application form for the NIE in copy.
  2. Assemble the relevant documents
  3. For Spain residentials, visit the government website and follow the procedure on the NIE page. Spain nonresidential, contact the Spanish consulate office from your local area and make an appointment with them.
  4. Reimburse the formality fee online or fill in the form and then download it.
  5. Submit the documents where you booked an appointment.
  6. Get your NIE

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