What’s the cadastral reference? What is it for?

Written by Juan Madridejos Velasco and Luis Alberto Álvarez Moreno, Notaries in Barcelona and partners at J&LA Notarios Asociados.

cadastral reference in Spain is a unique number used to formally and legally identify a specific parcel of land. Each part of real estate in Barcelona has been given an exact number corresponding to a certain set of letters and numbers that make up the cadastral code.

If you’ve read our post about What is a “Notario” in Spain? you already know Notaries in Spain are public officers and private professionals responsible for signing and authenticating signed, sealed or written documents for individual clients.

From our Notary in Barcelona, we offer different services related to Real estate and contracts. When you want to buy a property in Spain, you must be familiar with the concept of cadastral reference. Therefore, in this article we want to share general information on what’s the cadastral reference and what it is for.

How to define the cadastral reference

The length of the cadastral reference is twenty characters. Some of the information supplied in the other methods of creating a referral is the same. First, the province, then the municipality, sector, polygon, the farm or plot, property identity, and lastly, two control characters. These digits ensure that the preceding eighteen numbers were entered correctly and help find mistakes in the recording process.

In Spain, a unique cadastral number identifies all residential and commercial properties including land, buildings, and other structures. Even if you are in a multi-story building, the reference may pinpoint your apartment by using information like the building’s portal, elevator access, level, unit number, and letter. It’s like the house’s fingerprints or identification number.

What is the Purpose of the Cadastral Number?

Property identification within cadastral mapping is the principal use for cadastral references. And why do we even care to put names to shapes? You do not want your property to be mistaken for someone else’s if you plan on selling, renting, inheriting, or donating it soon. Something relevant in other contexts as well, like filing your taxes. You may find yourself paying taxes on a neighbor’s property if a property is not well registered.

The deed for each property exchange must contain a cadastral reference. After purchasing real estate, you must record the transfer of ownership at both the Property Registry and the Cadastre office. In JLA Notarios, when we prepare any purchase of land, we get a recent certification from the Cadastre detailing the property’s precise location and dimensions. This ensures that the information they have been provided with is accurate.

If the figures are the same, then everything is well. It’s important to confirm with the seller, the real estate agent, and your lawyer that any major discrepancies may be resolved if you encounter them. In the case of inconsistency, the Notary is authorized to draw attention to these crucial particulars.

What Factors into a Property’s Reference Value?

The General Directorate of Cadastre compiles annual reports on the real estate market, from which the reference value of a real estate is calculated. The modules used to calculate this average value are centered on the costs of all real estate sales and purchases before a Notary or were recorded in the Land Registry during the given year.

Homogeneous geographical zones of value will be created, and these modules will be allocated to representative real estate goods in those areas. The numbers above should balance out with the average asking and selling prices.

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