Getting your social security number in Spain as a foreigner

Written by Juan Madridejos Velasco and Luis Alberto Álvarez Moreno, Notaries in Barcelona and partners at J&LA Notarios Asociados.

If you plan to earn an income during your stay in Spain, it’s crucial to apply for a Social Security number in Spain (“Número de Seguridad Social“). Obtaining this, along with other important documents like the NIE/TIE card and Empadronamiento, will help you assimilate into the Spanish community as a resident.

In this article, we’ll give some key information on how to get a Social Security Number in Spain. The Notary can’t help with this process but lots of clients from our Notary in Barcelona has questions on this topic, so we decided to gather information on the application process to help you all.

How Do I Apply for a Social Security Number in Spain as a Foreigner

You can apply for your social security number in Spain online or in person. Both processes are easy, but the best and fastest way to apply is online, as you can do it from the comfort of your home if you have an internet-enabled computer or smartphone. Both application methods require you to fill out the Modelo TA-1. Below are detailed descriptions of the steps to using either method.

Apply Online for Social security number in Spain

You need a clave (a system that lets you make an electronic identification before the administration) or a digital certificate to apply online. Both are easy to obtain, as you get them online. Though you may proceed without the two, having them makes everything easier.

You can also use a photo and your identity document if you don’t have digital identification. You only need your identity document (passport, DNI, NIE), an e-mail address and a device with a camera.

Visit the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration website to apply.

Ensure that you have the following documents before initiating the online application process.

  • A valid national id card or passport (EU Citizens)
  • Padron certificate
  • Your TIE or residency card with NIE number
  • Internship/employment contract
  • Work/Residency Visa (Non-EU nationals)

You should receive your social security number within 24 hours if you complete the form correctly and submit all the required documents.

In-Person Social security number application

You also need to complete a TA-1 form when applying in person. You can make an appointment at the nearest Seguridad Social office to submit your filled form and other required documents like your passport/ID, TIE, work visa, NIE, employment contract and pardon certificate.

Since most people at the social security office might not speak English, consider taking a Spanish speaker along to help with translation. You will receive your social security number the same day if you meet all the requirements.

How the Notary can help

At JLA Notarios, we provide various notary services such as formalizing legal documents, including contracts, land purchases, mortgageswills & inheritance agreements, and constitution of companies and mercantile contracts in Spain. We created this article as an informative resource since our clients frequently seek clarification on how to obtain a social security number in Spain. We do not give the service of getting Social Security number.

For more information on the functions of a Notary, you can read our article on this topic:

If you require notary services in Barcelona, we’re happy to assist you. Our office is centrally located, and our team is fluent in English. You can reach us through the contact formphoneemail, or even WhatsApp!

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